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unplag review

Unplag.com started as a similarity finder for helping educators to fight plagiarism by students but has now grown to an easily customizable text analysis algorithm. It is for use by individual clients and corporate clients. It was established by geeky team of linguists, educators, IT specialists and marketers who decided to launch similarity detection engine. Their reason was to turn content uniqueness to a trend.

After launching the similarity engine in 2014, these young professionals got courage to present the invention to several international events in Europe ant found it was acceptable.

With Unplag, you can check papers without installing additional programs. One of its main goals is to improve quality of unique writing by cooperation with colleges, universities and e-learning centres. Apart from serving students and scholars Unplag is also used to check text uniqueness by:

  • Bloggers
  • SEO specialists
  • Publishers and editors
  • Lawyers

Unplag has eliminated the tedious process of searching for similar document all over databases.

Advantages of using Unplag.com

You can access Unplag from any browser or location as it just need internet connection without requirement to install additional program. It is a comprehensive program that checks through billions of pages in Google, Yahoo and all other files stores in a users account.

  • Fast checking: It just takes 4 seconds without glitches to check a page without changing formatting hence you will not be required to make additional changes.
  • Unplag lets you multitask: You check several different sized files in varying formats simultaneously for plagiarism without decreased speed. This process is successfully accomplished even if you accidentally log out hence you will not have to resubmit this text.
  • User friendly file manger: Unplag file manager is easy to use and support numerous file formats. You can check .doc, docx, .txt,.rtf, .pdf or html files. You can also create, remove, search name, rename, drag& drop files and folders and way you need. This includes arrangement alphabetically, viewing status of checks, date and time when folders or files were created.

Data Security

When you upload your files, all of them are stores in the user account thereby creating your own database. You can even check new text against it. You can secure all your data by switching off sharing files option in personal settings to prevent Unplag from storing these files in its database. Unplag.com encryption will prevent data leaks therefore you will be the only person who can use your documents.

Unplag.com Downside

Unplag.com states that it has the right to change terms of use without any notice to the users.

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