Review of plagiarism checking service
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Search Engine Reports is one of the free plagiarism checkers that is available on the web to anyone who needs a plagiarism check performed for free on an article. Not to mention the fact that their free plagiarism checker is very easy to use and Search Engine Reports dot net has even been so kind as to offer their customers not only instructions as to how to use the plagiarism detection system but they have also included a FAQ as well that answers many of the common questions that people have when it comes to using a plagiarism checker.

Search Engine Reports dot net Rating deserves a five star rating despite the fact that there are no SearchEngineReports dot net reviews available. They deserve this rating because they have three ways that you can check an article and they also offer instructions for those who may be a little confused as to how the process works. Not to mention the fact that the process of using their plagiarism checker is already easy without even having to read the instructions provided by Search Engine Reports.

Search Engine Reports and its Online Plagiarism Checker boasts of using API as its online plagiarism checker. However, you should be aware that they no longer search Google but Bing and Yahoo is still going to be checked. They do not mention to much detail about how the process works but you should keep in mind that this is a free plagiarism checker so you really cannot expect too much from them.

What plagiarism Software Uses

Search Engine Reports dot net uses API software when performing its plagiarism checks according to the information that is listed on their website.

Is Search Engine a Scam?

Search Engine Reports dot net is not a scam because they are a free plagiarism checker. There is no way that someone can be scammed when they are not spending any money. It is a chance that you may not be happy with the results that they provide to you but they do not request any money to use their plagiarism check so the only thing you would be losing out on if you are unhappy with their results is time. However, this is a lot better than losing out on money.