Review of plagiarism checker SafeAssignment.Com
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Safe Assignment dot com is a plagiarism checker that works to help prevent plagiarism from occurring. Currently, reviews reveal that this plagiarism checker is used by both instructors and students. Also, seems to be run by another website by the name of Black Board

Safe Assignment dot com Rating

At this point in time we are given a three star rating. This is because their plagiarism checker does not appear to be a scam or a fraud yet at the same time we are unsure about a couple of things when it comes to using this plagiarism checker.

Safe Assignment and Plagiarism Checker

Safe Assignment and its plagiarism checker seem to be something that is used in the academic world. It is primarily used to cut back on the amount of plagiarism that takes place in the academic world. However, there website does not appear to have been updated since 2008.

What Plagiarism Software Uses

Safe Assignment does not provide any hints when it comes to the type of plagiarism software that they use. However, they seem like a friendly bunch so you should not have any problems getting an answer if you were to contact them about it.

Is Safe Assignment Dot Com a Scam?

Safe assignment does not approach us as being a scam or a fraud. However, we are a little concerned that has not been updated in a few years and also they do not have a 2012 copyright.