Review of plagiarism checking service
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Plagium is one of the online plagiarism checker services that is available to individuals who need to have plagiarism checks performed via the web to insure that their work is 100% original. From the looks of their copyright it seems as though the company has been in business since at least 2009. Not to mention the fact that their plagiarism detection can be used as both a free and a paid plagiarism checker. However, they do have low prices in place for those who need more than what their free plagiarism check provides and they also have a button that invites those who wish to do so to donate money to their website.

Plagium Rating deserves a 4 star rating. This rating comes into effect because some of the things that are mentioned on their website are a little confusing especially when it comes to their rates. Not to mention the fact that no one has left any Plagium dot com reviews to even offer any type of explanation as to what to expect. However, obviously, they have been in business for a little while and have avoided being listed as a scam/fraud/rip off so they must be doing something right.

Plagium dot com and its Plagiarism Checker

Plagium dot com and its plagiarism checker is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is paste the text that you want checked within the box on their website and you will receive results in a couple of minutes.

What plagiarism Software Uses

Plagium does not specify which plagiarism software they use when it comes to checking articles to see if they have been plagiarized or not.

Is a Scam?

Plagium dot com has not been listed as a scam and since they boast of being a free service there is no way that you can be scammed unless you decide to move on to their paid service. No one has left any reviews about plagium dot com but this also works in their favor because it means that no one has said anything paid about their free plagiarism checker either. The best advice is to start for free and then maybe move up to their $1 plan to see if they are providing you the high quality results that you expect from your plagiarism detection provider.