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PlagControl Review

If you are someone who needs to make sure that the content that you write is 100% unique, Plag Control could be the perfect tool for you. PlagControl was created for students to run their academic papers through before submitting them to their professors yet anyone who needs to make sure that their content is 100% unique could find this tool to be beneficial to them too.

Why Use

Plag Control is rated as being one of the best online plagiarism tools by customers who have experienced using them in the past. All you have to do is paste the content that you want to be checked, sign up for an account, and then wait for your free results to be displayed in front of your eyes. You never have to worry about spending any money to use this plagiarism checker and the best part is you do not have to download any software to your computer to use it either.

When to Upgrade to the Paid Version

PlagControl does have a paid version of their online plagiarism checker available. However, when first using the tool you do not have to spend any money. If you were a student or someone who needs to check content regularly, upgrading to the paid version would be idea. When using this plagiarism checker you will find that it comes with a ton of features such as the ones listed below:

  • Less than 15 seconds to provide you results
  • 5 cents per page
  • Unlimited text size when you upgrade to a Premium account
  • All of your reports are stored to your profile for easy access

Bottom Line

If you want to make sure that, your content is 100% unique Plag Control is one of the plagiarism checking software’s that you should consider investing in.