Review of plagiarism checker
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Grammarly is one of the internet’s most popular plagiarism detection websites. They are able to help you with spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. On their website,, however, they do not go into many details about their company. But, from a quick search of their name you can tell right off that a lot of people prefer to use their services. Rating

Grammarly deserves a 5 star rating. This rating comes into place because of the review. None of the Grammarly reviews seem to state anything bad about their plagiarism checker and many people also claim to be happy with their other services as well. Not to mention the fact there has not been any review of Grammarly that has listed them as a grammarly fraud. and Its Plagiarism Checker

When using the plagiarism checker there are so many great things that you can expect. First, you can feel confident knowing that your paper will be flagged due to the fact that you have not cited something correctly which will help you out in more ways than one. Second, once instances of plagiarism have been detected the system will automatically start suggesting solutions for you to fix the problem.

What Plagiarism Software Uses

Grammarly uses an online checker that is automatic. It seems to work for a lot of people however they do not go into specific details as to which software they use in particular.

Is a Scam?

Based on Grammarly reviews we do not feel as though they are a scam. Also, we have not seen anything about a grammarly discount but they do offer a free trial for a certain amount of time.