Review of plagiarism checker DocCop.Com
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Doc Cop is an online plagiarism checker that many people do not know much about based on the fact that there are not any Doc Cop reviews floating around online. This may be due to the fact that their website is very hard to navigate and is also not very appealing to the eye.

Doc Cop Rating

Doc Cop deserves a 3 star rating. People do not feel as though they are a scam or fraud but at the same time their website is not very put together. We are unable to find any background about this company and it is really complicated trying to figure out how to use the online plagiarism checker altogether.

Doc Cop and Its Online Plagiarism Checker

Doc Cop and its online plagiarism checker is something that is really complicated to use. They have a sign up form for you but it does not specify on the site whether this is for some paid version or what. If this website,, was upgraded and had some more details available the online plagiarism checker may receive some reviews and even be listed as being one of the best free online plagiarism checkers.

What Plagiarism Software Uses does not go into detail as to how papers are checked or what plagiarism checker is used. However, they do have a way for you to contact them so maybe these questions could be asked via their contact form. Don’t bother looking under the FAQ because there is just a form that for you to feel out. No questions and answers are listed.

Is Doccop a Scam?

Doccop does not appear to be a scam or a fraud because they do not seem to be asking from money. There have not been any reviews on this online plagiarism checker so it is hard for us to really be able to analyze any of the information about this company.